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About us

Who we are

Accredited as excellence by the Marche Region Health Department, the San Nicola Addiction Treatment Center is a spearhead for the entire nation. Having also become famous abroad, he boasts patients from the Netherlands, England and the United States.
The structure was founded in 2012 from more than thirty years of experience in the field of addictions of the Villa Silvia Clinic in Senigallia, a renowned private center of medical excellence. The Treatment Center is inspired by American and English structures which are distinguished by a short-term residential stay. The therapeutic program aimed at employees, as well as that aimed at families, is based on the integration of international therapies with high success rates.
San Nicola Centre's Staff

Certifications of excellence

• Accredited with EXCELLENCE for rehabilitation activities in the addiction sector by the Marche Region Health Department
• Certified by RINA (ISO 9001: 2015), one of the most important companies in Europe for quality accreditation

Our staff

The therapeutic team of the San Nicola Addiction Treatment Centre is multidisciplinary, highly specialized and very close-knit. It includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, educators, nurses and teachers. Some of them have a history of family addiction or of their own, which helps them create a highly empathetic relationship with those who are facing the problems of the disease. The professionals of the team then become witnesses of a new life without addiction for the guests. Each member of the team has a curriculum of excellence and periodically attends refresher courses at international level.


The creator and founder of the San Nicola addiction treatment centre, Vincenzo Aliotta has also been the reference point for the Villa Silvia clinic in Senigallia for more than 50 years. Vincenzo Aliotta is the beating heart of the San Nicola Centre.

Health Director

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the "G. D'Annunzio " University of Chieti in 2001 she specialized in Clinical Pathology at the same University in 2006, while in 2011 she obtained a specialization in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Marche. She represents the health direction of the Centre.

Clinical Director

He graduated in Developmental and Communication Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. He obtained a four-year specialization in psychotherapy at NOUS, a school based in Milan with a cognitive-constructivist address, based on mindfulness as a method of awareness. He is the coordinator of the english team.


Graduated in Artistic studies, with a long personal history of addiction, he collaborates with San Nicola Addiction Treatment Centre thanks to the knowledge and direct experience within the self-help groups based on the 12 Steps Program.


Graduated in psychology and specialized in systemic relational psychotherapy, she follows the important work of emotional involvement of the families of patients admitted at multi-family and single-family meetings at the San Nicola Centre.


Elisabetta was born in Sydney, where she lived and worked until 1980. She is responsible for the secretarial duties and administration of the San Nicola Treatment Centre, as well as managing all communication with foreign countries.


Born in South Africa, resident in Italy since 2009, he has dual citizenship and is a structural engineering technician. With a history of addiction behind him, he has personal experience on the dynamics and problems of rehabilitation.

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Sexologist

She holds a master's degree in Clinical and Community Psychology, specialized in Individual and Group Psychotherapy and has many years of experience in the field of addictions.


Elisabetta, with many years experience, specializes in counselling, bio-energetic diagnosis, TCM and bio-natural techniques. Participates in and shares addiction treatment techniques with the guests at San Nicola.

Teacher and Educator

British born with a love of the Italian language and culture. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Language and Literature and is an author of textbooks. He teaches language to guests in the programme of recreational and rehabilitation activities.


He graduated in Sociology at the University of Urbino. He then obtained two master's degrees, one in community psychology and formative processes and the other in clinical criminology and legal psychology. He has a lot of experience both as a sociologist and as an educator in various therapeutic communities, social cooperatives, residential facilities and communities for drug addicts.


For 25 years professional chef, Massimo Pertosa has worked in the catering industry in various Italian accommodation facilities, especially in northern and central Italy. In addition to the function of head of the kitchen service of the San Nicol Centre, Massimo teaches guests the management and preparation of meals, tackling with them the various problems in coordinating a full-fledged accommodation facility.


Maria Cristina obtained a diploma in Body Counselling. Graduated in Psychosomatic Naturopathy and in Health and Wellness Operator, she has been dealing with body expression and psychophysical well-being for over 25 years.

Art Counselling

Ceramist for passion she has always had an interest in art and psychology. In her professional experience she has been able to see the link between creativity and psychological well-being also and above all for people who have had difficulties such as addictions and abuse.

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Bologna. She trained both in Italy and abroad in the clinical and research field with specialization in evidence-based psychotherapy approaches.

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

After graduating in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in family therapy at the La Sapienza University of Rome, he has worked as a psychologist and therapeutic coordinator in various therapeutic and rehabilitation facilities.

Art Counselling

Graduated from the Stabile delle Marche, counsellor and teacher of Theatre Therapy with decades of experience in addictions. He helps guests develop the ability to be with and open up to others and overcome emotional blocks, through improvisation games and skill exercises.

Professional Social Educator

Graduated in Educational Sciences at the University of Macerata. Together with the other educators, he manages the Italian and English psycho-educational part and also supports the guests in the rehabilitation process. He has previous experience acquired working in mental health and trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Educator Psychologist

He graduated in Psychology of Typical and Atypical Development at the University of Rome - La Sapienza. He attends the School of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy SPC in the city of Ancona. Trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and specialized in Sport Psychology, he has gained experience as an educator in the fields of disability, immigration and social inclusion.

Professional Educator

Qualified as a Professional Educator in the Perugia-Terni registry. Attained his Master’s degree in Pedagogical Counselling and Planning of Educational Processes at the University of Perugia. After attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Historical Science, Archival Library and Music he gained experience in mental health, disabilities and social assistance. He manages psycho-educational activities alongside other educators. Furthermore, he supports the guests in their recovery journey.

Psychologist and Educator

He graduated in Clinical Psychology, majoring in Sexology at the University of Aquila. He obtained a four-year specialization in Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy at A.T. Beck Institute in Rome and a master degree in Ethno-psychiatry, Migration Psychology. He has many years of experience in the field of addictions.