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Specialists in the treatment of addictions

At San Nicola Centre we specialize in the treatment of substance addiction (alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and new drugs) and behavioural addiction (internet, gambling, sex).
From detoxification to rehabilitation, patients at the San Nicola Centre are never alone in combating their addiction. Following a personalized and highly specialized therapeutic program we help them to develop the necessary motivation to return to take possession of their lives.
The San Nicola Centre also supports patients in the post-treatment process.

The person behind the addiction

Behind every addiction there is a person, along with his family, who suffers. Our goal is to help this person to find himself again with a personalized therapy that helps from the moment of detoxification until his return home. Only in this way will they be able to return to life looking to the future with confidence.

Help for families

Dependence impacts not only on the lives of those who are dependent, but also on the lives of people who live next door. To recover and strengthen interpersonal relationships, we organise family therapy sessions during the rehabilitation period and continue to support both patients and their families after treatment to help them cope with any difficulties.