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Here, in a fully renovated farmhouse amid rolling hills and sun-drenched olive groves, you can benefit from the most up-to-date, intensive group and individual therapies, get fit, acquire life-enhancing skills and begin finding your way back to healthy living.
The Centre can accommodate up to 26 guests in comfortable en-suite bedrooms, and is equipped with all you need to get back into a healthy lifestyle and rebuild your self-confidence: a swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, football field, volleyball court, therapy rooms, art and craft studio, yoga and meditation room, auditorium, cinema screen, satellite TV, a large shared living room, a kitchen, a convivial dining room, and comfortable en-suite double bedrooms. We run cooking, language, yoga, pottery, photography and gardening classes. All activities (as well as all therapies) are provided in both English and Italian.
Our Team

A 50-year-old history

Villa Silvia was founded in 1963 by Prof. Nicola Aliotta as a neuropsychiatric private hospital. From the start, its basic approach has been to combine innovation with a focus on the well-being of the patient. Very unusually for that time, it admitted patients only of their own free will, and avoided imposing invasive therapies without the patients’ consent. From 1978, it started to admit alcoholics. It became the only institution within hospital structures in Italy to adopt a multidisciplinary approach including CBT and the 12 steps, in connection with the newly born AA groups. This gave Villa Silvia a strong profile, and it soon became the Italian market leader. In 1983 it received the ‘quality’ award from the Italian government.
In 1989 Prof. Nicola Aliotta’s son, Vincenzo, took over. The hospital completely renovated its technology side, with new machines such as MRI and TAC, again raising its quality and professional standards. Villa Silvia became well known nationally, with more than 50% of its patients coming from other regions. RINA (a leading European assessment firm) awarded Villa Silvia the ‘quality certificate’. In 1999 the San Nicola project started to take shape, as Vincenzo became interested in the idea of a rehab centre that would combine the multidisciplinary and the Minnesota methods. He visited the best addiction centers in France (multidisciplinary) and in the US (Hazelden clinics) in order to explore the potential of each approach.

San Nicola is born

San Nicola was opened in 2013. It is the only addiction rehabilitation centre in Italy that can offer continuity of care from detox to rehab, using the 12 step approach merged with the multidisciplinary one. Since then, San Nicola has performed so well that in 2014 it was awarded the certificate of ‘Excellence’ by the Italian Ministry of Health. In keeping with its innovative side, and always striving to identify the best treatment solutions, Villa Silvia/San Nicola has recently acquired the Brainsway Deep TMS System. New studies have shown the effectiveness of Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on cocaine addiction. Our aim is to further research its potential with other types of addictions as well. San Nicola is also part of a project that offers graduate students a Master’s in ‘Group Therapy’. It is the only MBA of its kind in Italy that merges academic studies with practical, in-the-field activities.

Certifications of excellence

– Accredited with EXCELLENCE for rehabilitation activities in the sector of dependence by the Marche Region Health Department
– Certified by RINA (ISO 9001:2015), one of the most important European companies for quality accreditation

Our Team

The therapeutic team of theSan Nicola Addiction Recovery Center is multidisciplinary, highly specialized and very friendly. It includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, educators, nurses and teachers. Some of them have a history of dependency of their own or family, which helps them to create a highly empathetic relationship with those who are facing the problems of the disease. Team professionals then become witnesses of a new life without dependency for patients. Each member of the team has a curriculum of excellence and regularly attends international refresher courses.

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Bologna. She trained both in Italy and abroad in clinical and research fields with specialization in evidence-based psychotherapy approaches.

Art Counselling

Ceramist for passion has always had an interest in art and psychology. In his professional experience he has been able to see the link between creativity and psychological well-being.


Graduated in Psychosomatic Naturopathy and in Health and Wellness Operator, she has been dealing with body expression and psychophysical well-being for over 25 years.

Chef and Educator

For 25 years professional chef, Massimo Pertosa has worked in the catering industry in various Italian accommodation facilities, especially in northern and central Italy. In addition to his role as chef, Massimo also takes care of cooking classes.


He graduated in Sociology at the University of Urbino. He obtained two master's degrees, one in community psychology and educational processes and the other in clinical criminology and legal psychology. He has a lot of experience both as sociologist and educator.

Teacher and Educator

He's English and he loves the Italian language and culture. He is an English language teacher and author of textbooks. He collaborates with the Centro San Nicola where he teaches language, cooking and gardening to patients in the program of rehabilitative activities.


Elisabetta specialises in counselling, bioenergetic diagnosis, TCM and bionatural techniques. She has been participating and sharing addiction recovery with boys and girls since 1985.

Psychologist and Sexologist

She has a master's degree in Clinical and Community Psychology, specializes in individual and group psychotherapy and she has many years of experience in the field of addiction.


Elizabeth was born in Sydney, where she lived and worked until 1980. She is responsible for the secretariat and administration of the San Nicola Centre, as well as managing all communication with foreign countries.

Health Director

Director of the Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health Service and F.F. SIAN Director of Area Vasta 2 in Senigallia, his last position was that of Director of Area Vasta 1. He represents the health direction of the centre.


Born in South Africa, resident in Italy since 2009, he has dual citizenship and he is a structural engineering technician. With a history of dependence, he has personal experience on the dynamics and problems of rehabilitation.


Jacqueline is a psychotherapist with a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands and the University of Urbino. She specialized as a psychotherapist at the Institute of Person-Centred Approach (IACP) in Rome.

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Andrea holds a Master's degree in Clinical and Community Psychology from the University of Bologna. He specialized in Customer-Centred Psychotherapy at the IACP in Rome. He has many years of experience in the field of addiction, in prevention projects, harm reduction and rehabilitation within community facilities.

Psychologist and Educator

Federica Mancini holds a specialist degree in Clinical Dynamic Psychology with a systemic focus from the University of Padua. She gained interest in the problem of pathological addiction after working in the United States.

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

He graduated in Developmental and Communication Psychology from the Cattolica University of Milan. He obtained his four-year specialization in psychotherapy at NOUS, a school based in Milan with a cognitive-constructivist specialization, based on mindfulness as a method of awareness.

Nurse and Yoga Teacher

Psychiatric nurse and yoga teacher, Johannes is Dutch. He has worked in hospitals and therapeutic communities in the Netherlands. He has studied and practiced bio-natural disciplines since 1983 and he is a master in Oki do Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu. He teaches Yoga at San Nicola as part of recreational and regenerative activities.


Born in Rome with dual citizenship (Italian and American), he worked for many years as a photographer and documentary filmmaker. Having a history of drug addiction, he approaches the world of recovery where he has been active for over a decade.


Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Urbino, specialized in psychotherapy at the School of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Milan with a thesis on the integration between the 12 Steps Program and the BioTransEnergetic Methodology in the rehabilitation from alcoholism.


Graduated in psychology and specialized in systemic relational psychotherapy, she follows at the San Nicola centre the important work of emotional involvement of the families of patients admitted to multi-family and single-family meetings.


The creator and founder of the San Nicola addiction recovery centre, Vincenzo Aliotta has also been the reference point for the Villa Silvia clinic in Senigallia for more than 50 years. Vincenzo Aliotta is the beating heart of the San Nicola Centre.